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Ich bin nämlich eigentlich ganz anders,
aber ich komme nur so selten dazu.

(Ödön von Horváth)

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Personal Details

Prof. Dr. Volker Ahlers
Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Faculty IV, Department of Computer Science
Ricklinger Stadtweg 120
30459 Hannover

Email: volker.ahlers (at) hs-hannover.de
Tel: +49 511 9296 1814
Fax: +49 511 9296 991814

Born 1971 in Bremen, Germany


Since 2005-09
Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Professor of simulation and mathematics
Departmental international coordinator

2004-02 to 2005-08
Goethe University Hospital Frankfurt am Main
Research associate at Department of Prosthodontics; collaboration with Unigraphics Solutions GmbH, Köln (now Siemens PLM Software)

Since 2003
Part-time freelance software developer and scientific consultant

2001-11 to 2004-01
WiSenT GmbH, Potsdam
Research associate

1998-10 to 2001-10
University of Potsdam
Research assistant at Institute of Physics and Astronomy, member of collaborative research center Complex Nonlinear Processes (SFB 555); collaboration with National Institute of Applied Optics (INOA), Firenze, Italy

1995-04 to 1995-09, 1996-10 to 1998-09
Georg August University Göttingen
Student assistant at Institute of History of Science, Hilbert Edition

1995-07 to 1995-09, 1996-08 to 1996-09
German Aerospace Center (DLR), Göttingen
Student assistant at Institute of Aeroelasticity

1991-08 to 1992-10
Werkstätten für Behinderte gGmbH, Aurich
Alternative civilian service (Zivildienst) at Erlebachhaus Esens (home for people with disabilities)


1998-10 to 2001-10
University of Potsdam
Graduate studies of physics (degree Dr. rer. nat., equivalent of Ph.D.);
thesis on Scaling and Synchronization in Deterministic and Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (advisor: Arkady Pikovsky)

1992-10 to 1998-09
Georg August University Göttingen
Studies of physics (degree Dipl.-Phys., equivalent of M.Sc.);
thesis on Nonlinear Dynamics and Synchronization of Chaotic Semiconductor Lasers with External Optical Cavities (advisors: Werner Lauterborn, Ulrich Parlitz);
study year abroad at University of Edinburgh, UK (1995/96)

Further Education

2017-05 to 2019-06
Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Weiterbildung / International Office
Further education in internationalization, WIn certificate (Weiterbildung International, 2 seminars à 1 day, teaching exchange, language certificate)

2015-03 to 2015-12
Hannover Medical School
Hochschulübergreifende Weiterbildung (HüW)
Executive training for university administration, FKE certificate (Führungskräfteentwicklung, 7 seminars à 2 days)

2011-05 to 2012-03
Technical University Braunschweig
Kompetenzzentrum Hochschuldidaktik für Niedersachsen (KHN)
Further training in media competence for university teaching, campuseducation certificate (3 seminars à 1 day)

2005-12 to 2009-06
Technical University Braunschweig
Kompetenzzentrum Hochschuldidaktik für Niedersachsen (KHN)
Further training in university didactics, WindH certificate (Weiterbildung in der Hochschullehre, 15 seminars à 1 to 2 days)

Visiting Appointments

Ajou University, Suwon, South Korea
Erasmus+ teaching assignment at College of Information Technology (1 week)

Hiroshima City University, Japan
Erasmus+ teaching assignment at Faculty of Information Sciences (1 week)

2008-05, 2009-05
Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden
Erasmus teaching assignment at School of Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics (1 week each)

2007-08 to 2010-08
King's College London, UK
Visiting professor at School of Medicine, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics (visits: 2007-08, 2007-12, 2008-08, 2008-12, 2009-07, approx. 1 week each)

2005-05 to 2005-07
Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Teaching assignment at Department of Computer Science

Grants and Awards

2019 to 2021
BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
Angriffserkennung durch multidimensionale Analyse sicherheitsrelevanter Datenströme (GLACIER)
With Felix Heine, Carsten Kleiner (Hochschule Hannover) and industry partners
Grant no. 16KIS0950 (programme KMU-innovativ)

2017 to 2020
BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
Untersuchungs-, Simulations- und Evaluations-Tool für Urbane Logistik (USEfUL)
With Christoph von Viebahn, Lars-Oliver Gusig, Arne Koschel (Hochschule Hannover), Landeshauptstadt Hannover, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Technische Universität Braunschweig, and industry partners
Grant no. 03SF0547D (programme Zukunftsstadt)

2013 to 2019
MWK (Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture) and VolkswagenStiftung (Volkswagen Foundation)
Skalierbarkeit mobiler mikro-BHKW
With Lars-Oliver Gusig, Martin Grotjahn, Heiko Hepp, Andreas Huck, Arne Koschel, Uwe Todsen (Hochschule Hannover), Ostfalia Hochschule Wolfsburg, and industry partners
Grant no. VWZN2891 (programme FSP)

2012 to 2015
BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
Visualisierung der Sicherheit mobiler IT-Infrastrukturen auf der Basis von Metadaten (VisITMeta)
With Josef von Helden (Hochschule Hannover) and industry partners
Grant no. 17PNT032 (programme ProfilNT)

2009 to 2011
BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
Dynamische Visualisierung und Simulation von Nutzerströmen in natürlichsprachlichen Dialogsystemen (ViSiNuS)
With Linnaeus University Växjö, Sweden, and industry partner
Grant no. 17N2809 (programme IngenieurNachwuchs)

2008 to 2009
Industry collaboration (private funding)
Qualitative und Quantitative Visualisierung von sprachautomatisierten Dialogprozessen
With industry partner

2007 to 2009
DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and British Council
Development and application of new analysis and visualisation tools for large-scale biological and biomedical data (BioGranat)
With Thomas Schlitt (King's College London, UK)
Grant no. D/07/09921 and ARC 1297 (programme PPP-ARC)

Since 2007-04
Zhèjiāng University of Science and Technology, Hángzhōu, PR China
Honorary professor

Professional Functions

Reviewer for academic journals PLOS ONE and Bioinformatics

Reviewer for FBTI (Fachbereichstag Informatik): best thesis award

Reviewer for AQAS (Agency for Quality Assurance): accreditation of study programmes

Co-chair of conferences
Workshop Simulation in den Umwelt- und Geowissenschaften 2018, GI sections Simulation and Environmental Informatics, Hannover, 11 to 13 April 2018
Norddeutsches Kolloquium für Informatik an Fachhochschulen (NKIF 2015), Hannover, 28 to 30 May 2015

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin – University of Applied Sciences
Head of peer group (advisory board) of women's degree course B.Sc. Informatik und Wirtschaft (since 2014)

Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Administrative functions
– Departmental international coordinator
– Senate commission for research (member)
– Departmental commission for study affairs (deputy member)
Former administrative functions
– Dean of studies (Studiendekan, 2015 to 2017)
– Senate (deputy member)
– Senate commission for transparency and ethics (deputy member)
– Faculty council (member/deputy member)
– Departmental examination board (vice head/member)

Fördergemeinschaft und Alumni-Vereinigung der Fakultät IV – Wirtschaft und Informatik in der Hochschule Hannover e.V. (FAWuI)
Managing director (Geschäftsführer) of sponsoring association

Verein für Internationale Beziehungen der Hochschule Hannover e.V. (VIB)
Vice head of executive board of international relations association

Memberships and Affiliations

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI)

Research cluster Smart Data Analytics (Hochschule Hannover), member

Institute for Construction Elements, Mechatronics, and Electromobility (IKME, Hochschule Hannover), associated member


My academic genealogy (including Leibniz, Lichtenberg, and Linné)

My Erdös number: 4 (cf. csauthors.net, several other paths of length 4)